A sensational player, as technically mellifluous as he is interpretively beguiling
Absolutely immaculate and masterful
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich
technical wizardry, melting musicality, old-world style and panache - woven seamlessly together into an utterly perfect evening
Carnegie Hall, NY Concert Review
Above all, he impressed with his vigorous, bright tone and impeccable technique
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt
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"While the Roaring 20's were a phenomenal bubble of creative explosion in the history of mankind, it is important to remember that this period of magical inventiveness sits between the two darkest and most destructive in modern history. From this we can remind ourselves... that the most colourful and beautiful flowers spring out of a landscape burnt to a char, and.... that it is through art that man remembers his better self."
Daniel Röhn

+++ POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE : Sunday's concert (18th July 2021) "Daniel Röhn Alone" at Kiama Church at 2pm will be postponed due to Covid-19!

...A remarkable example of refined lyricism, depth and sensitivity
Le Monde de la Musique – FRANCE