The Golden Violin – Music of the 20’s

Daniel Rohn Kreisler Story

“The Golden Violin – Music of the 20’s” is a concert experience exploring the fantastic music around the Roaring 20’s with chamber orchestra: the crackly sounds of early Hollywood, including dazzling tunes by Gershwin, Chaplin, Weill, Korngold, and Rachmaninoff in modern and fresh arrangements.

Classy and atmospheric, this project implores the glorious days of stage- and film music on the highest level; a time when these specific genres and classical music enriched each other in an inimitable way.

Daniel Röhn, one can say, stands alone in his ability to re-create the ‘black and white’, luscious violin playing of this time, unmistakably heard in his past recordings and recognised unanimously my major press publications.
The accompanying CD was recorded with Württembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn, conducted by Case Scaglione, and was released to great acclaim in February 2019 on EDEL / Berlin Classics.

Program (PDF)

Like Heifetz and Stern before him, Röhn is so mesmerisingly in control
The Strad

Absolutely phenomenal – from the first to the last note. His sonority is often reminiscent of Heifetz, his flawless technique evokes to Szeryng