A sensational player, as technically mellifluous as he is interpretively beguiling.

Absolutely immaculate and masterful.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, MUNICH

X - Factor
Harald Eggebrecht, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Daniel Rohn played the solo part with polish and poise, and although every note was immaculately centred and the close of the outer gathered incendiary momentum, the performance eschewed fiery flamboyance in favour of well-disciplined tonal wholeness without distortion or exaggeration.
The Sydney Morning Herald

technical wizardry, melting musicality, old-world style and panache - woven seamlessly together into an utterly perfect evening.
Carnegie Hall, NY Concert Review

Rohn’s thoughtful interpretation was notable for its elegance and poise. Sustaining a warm, appealing, often dark-hued timbre, his supple phrasing and regular doses of strong vibrato appreciated the concerto’s melodic inspiration and emotional ardour. More than equal to the work’s virtuosic demands, Rohn brought focused clarity to extended passages of high harmonics, and crystalline articulation to the sequences of trills, double-stops and fast passage-work.
The Australian

maximum risk-taking and phenomenal control...absolutly dazzling from start to finish.
Diapason France

spacious urbanity, depth of feeling and gracious charm.

Animated light-footedness, wittily and with delicate brilliance.
Harald Eggebrecht, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Recitals of a high quality are few and far between. Daniel Röhn's excels in every sense. With a skilful choice of repertoire, sparking virtuosity and amazing, dramatic, temperament, he revives the tradition of his greatest forefathers. His incisive sonority often recalls that of Heifetz, his irreproachable delivery evokes that of Szeryng.
Diapason, France

The audience was enraptured by the unbelievably pure sounds that emanated from his violin: the entrancing allegro, the sublime Mozartian adagio and the lively finale. An astounding performance of a Bach fugue, played as an encore, showed another facet of his immense talent.
Nice Matin, NICE

above all, he impressed with his vigorous, bright tone and impeccable technique.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, FRANKFURT

A rich tone, flawless technique and intonation, captivating musicianship and an extremely engaging stage presence.

Like Heifetz and Stern before him, Röhn is so mesmerisingly in control that above all one is left marvelling at what a fabulous score Carmen really is when it's played like this.
The Strad, LONDON

A remarkable example of refined lyricism, depth and sensitivity.

Rarely encountered combination of technical excellence and musical depth... Difficult to imagine a better realisation.
BBC music

Röhn is an exceptionally talented violinist well worth hearing.

Workmanship instead of hyper-nervous search for meaning. Upholstered chair instead of yoga seat. Technically incontestably played.

Daniel Röhn displays fascinating versatility: Even the smallest details are precisely formed and yet everything has the lightness it needs.

Daniel Rohn Kreisler Story Carnegie Hall

...Röhn displayed a fine, silvery-woven beauty of tone – a stunning, singing legato.
Badisches Tagesblatt, BADEN-BADEN

Dispatched with a non-chalance to take the breath away.

And while no one (not even Perlman) quite matches Heifetz’s high-tension pyrotechnics in the Presto, Röhn’s warmth, richness of tone and emotive shifts make as powerful a case for the Adagio and finale as you’re likely to hear.

His rich tone, powerful bowing and a true sense of theatre all come together for the grand finale of this firework display: Paganini's Nel cor più non mi sento and Waxman's Carmen Fantasy. Fascinating and...memorable.

Then it doesn't matter that world-violinist Lisa Batiashvili is replaced on short notice by Daniel Röhn. He plays in the same league and delivers Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No.2 with solid technique and tonal luster.
SYDSVENSKAN, Sweden elegant style; a vehement, powerful sound. Long, owing lines full of Romantic fire. Grandezza!
Nürnberger Nachrichten


Maximum Emotion
Süddeutsche Zeitung

If every performer communicated as well, as part virtuoso and part inspired educator, more concert halls would be packed – and his certainly was. (Carnegie Hall)
NY Concert Review

Röhn forms these works fittingly with a romantic tone, making virtuosity shine with sovereignty. A nostalgic journey through time that arouses emotions and entertains enthrallingly.
Fono Forum

With a golden hand