A former guest professor at the Musikhochschule Hamburg, and a student of Prof. Ana Chumachenco, Daniel Röhn is an in demand pedagogue. In addition to private lessons, he teaches violinists and violists online, giving everyone the opportunity to access the German tradition, no matter where in the world. His insight into the German education system gives a perfect opening for prospective students.

“Alongside my solo career as a concert violinist and violist, my passion and nature is teaching, and helping others improve.”

Daniel Röhn performs worldwide as soloist and chamber musician. He has a wealth of experience as a teacher, and takes huge pleasure and passion in helping each individual find their voice and overcome their problems. Having performed numerous play/ conduct projects and as concertmaster, he has a comprehensive insight and understanding of the orchestral world. His chamber music partners are among the most revered musicians of his generation, and his knowledge and experience with the many facets of building a career in today’s changed classical music climate, is comprehensive. Swedish born, he is fluent in English, German, and Swedish. Passionate, patient, sensitive, and committed are most commonly attributed to his character.

"Everybody is different. In my experience, successful teaching is based on understanding that. I like to treat everyone as an individual and thus suggesting individual solutions, rather than imposing pre-factored ones on my students."

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